Surrender has been synonymous with failure or the beginning of a fall

Waving a white flag of humility I do not feel like a failure at all

I have surrendered to plenty of things in life

Sub-consciously and unwillingly

As I took a moral inventory

It revealed my past indiscretions of immoral surrenders were killing me

I remember surrendering to the streets

Unconditionally loving a lifestyle

That showed no love in return

Forcing 151 down my throat as it burned

Giving my unconditional love to a spirit with no return

Swallowing my indiscretions and insecurities

Creating a false reality

While all the while

Everything I was searching for was already in me


I remember surrendering to lust

Trading intoxicated promises with trust

Exchanging the gift inside of me

Planting my seed inside of her

When I did not want to spend my life with her

I just wanted one night with her

I hoped she understood

Now I understand

How can I explain to her the truth

If I am not a man


I remember surrendering to the law

Giving them control of my free will

Or should I say freedom

It was my choice to act dumb

So I was forced to succumb

To a system overflowing with lost men

Forced to be still

The truth was revealed

"You gave up your life"

Building treasures here on earth

Ego and pride are actually doubts and low self worth


Did it take  this journey for me to surrender to something greater?

Greater than women, money, cars and clothes

but I suppose they will label me a hater

But I am not ashamed Romans 1:16

I am redeemed

Even when I lost treasures that took years to acquire

He restored everything and I am in awe

Now I understand why my journey is long and yet still so far

Treasures built up in Heaven are classics

So why is surrendering so drastic

Surrender to something spiritual

Not material

So when I raise my white flag I

I raise it in appreciation

I have surrendered but I have not fallen

Answer your calling

You are redeemed, restored and uplifted

You have not failed or fallen

Secure your position in the frontlines of the battlefield of life

Surrendering to something greater

Fighting the war for your victory in the eternal life