ASK for what YOU WANT

I’ve made a choice to ASK for what I want Writing this down took some effort I couldn’t understand WHY When did I decided what I want is wrong? The voice in my head (which I call my ROAD DAWG) tells me I’ve always did what i want I don’t understand WHY I offer you a part of my LIFE A part that my ROAD DAWG is trying to silence I NEVER ASK for what I WANT I have lied I have manipulated I have schemed I have worried I have fought I’ve went to WAR for what I WANT but I’ve NEVER ASKED So let me try some simple questions, they seem easy to ASK “I WANT to get to know you, can I?” “I WANT the job, when can I start?” “I WANT the promotion, what’s the next step?” “I WANT to be closer with you son, can we talk?” “I WANT to be the best brother for you , how? “ I WANT to be the best son for you, how?” and the list never stops……. You see, I’ve always assumed that I need a plan A type of approach A scheme or manipulation to ASK for what I want I DON’T i’m committed to asking for what I WANT I am committed to accepting the responsibility for the choice of asking for what I WANT I’m committed to having what I WANT and then the lightbulb popped! There’s only ONE question so I asked MYSELF “Is it ok to have what I WANT?”