Today is an phenomenal day for me. I want to share with anyone who feels lost and destitute. This time list year I was unemployed, an alcoholic, divorced, homeless, given a death sentence by the age of 40 and the people I love the most had enough of my issues. 


God used my issues to show HIS power. There is probably not one person that knew me two years ago that would think I would even be alive! 




In 2016 I WIIL Inspire. Because Gods WILL is to use my life as a testament to HIS love. I have no problem with the man I used to be because he molded the bad clay into a miracle. 


I want everyone to know YOUR WORTHY! The validation you seek in already given to you. No one or thing will fill the HOLE you SPIRIT is yearning for. 


God will reposition you life when you reposition your thoughts. Winthe battle in your mind. The fulfillment is priceless. 


I talked for a living most of my life. As I became wiser, I only spoke when I had something to say. Walk in the truth and your LIFE will speak volumes. 


Now that I'm rambling I want to thank God and all of the Angels he sent to protect me. 


I am getting my Internet Marketing Masters today and I've started my own business a I have a very fulfilling job. No resolutions for 2016. I claim deeper spirituality, love, family and great friends. Everything else will fall into place with drive, discipline and ambition. 


I wrote this for ANYONE who needs "something" but doesn't know how to get "it". God has a great plan for YOUR life. Let HIM take the wheel, it's easier. If YOU ever need driving lessons I'm here, that's my mission statement for 2016.